Parent Link Centres

Parent Link Centres provide parents and their children with supports to ensure that their children come to school ready to learn and provide parents with the supports needed to help their children develop and fulfill their potential.  Parents are able to access information about common services, obtain referrals, and meet other parents, children, and families while taking part in quality early learning activities at a Parent Link Centre.      

Parent Link Centres, both online and in your community, help you to help your child by providing information and support for parents and caregivers on how to assist with your child's learning, development and health. Parent Link Centres can provide you with information about becoming a parent, pregnancy, locating and choosing child care, various health issues, communication, discipline, and what to expect as your child grows and develops.

Parent Link Centres focus on providing information to parents and caregivers of children 0-6 years old.  

Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services local offices can provide resources information and support to parents and caregivers of older teens.  Contact the local office nearest you if you have questions about communication, discipline and relationship building or access Info for Teens.

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